Secluded, self-contained luxury accommodation at Marion Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania, Australia.


Marion Bay House is a place of true seclusion.

Set on a high knoll overlooking Marion Bay, and immersed in the dramatic landscape of Tasmania’s east coast, this is luxury accommodation that assures complete privacy.

Here, meandering gravel lanes replace busy highways, farm gates become your only traffic lights and crowded cityscapes are forgotten among 100 acres of idyllic pastureland.

Arrive here, and the pressing needs of everyday life
will simply melt away.

At the heart of this land, Marion Bay House rises from the gentle slope of its hill, facing an unfettered view that is purely awe-inspiring. Undulating meadows and mountains tumble to the coast, the ocean stretches from sculpted white beaches to the distant horizon and the open sky arches endlessly overhead.

Marion Bay House brings together the robust spirit of rural Australia with the contemporary elegance of Danish design.

Created by award-winning architects 1+2 Architecture and Davis and Dobson Builders, the pared-back design takes its cue from the land and the weathered farm buildings of rural Australia.

Sophisticated and welcoming, this is a home born of the vision of its inspired owners, Christina and Peter Treschow, and their reverence for the local landscape.

Common, functional materials combine with precision design, craftsmanship and impeccable detail to create this understated, award winning, stylish home. Natural timbers, cement sheeting, galvanized nails and the deliberately rugged finish to the home’s exterior all contribute to the design vision.

The striking, 58-metre wall is built of rough-sawn macrocarpa that will mature to delicate silver tones under the brush of the sun, wind and rain. Unfolding like a ribbon along the house, the wall creates a shield from southerly weather. The entry, reminiscent of a hoof-warn cattle ramp, is a dramatic portal to the welcoming comfort and elegance inside.

For Christina and Peter, creating Marion Bay House first meant a long and delicate journey of nurturing and renewing the land they love. The couple has painstakingly transformed this landscape from a vast pine plantation to its current natural, healthy state. Native plants and animals have returned and the integrity of the land is being restored under the stewardship of this family.

The beauty of this environment and the connection Christina and Peter feel for the land, inspired them to create a place that would merge with the landscape and honor the integrity of the Tasmanian countryside.